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Vaccination services for the entire family
  • Our licensed travel vaccinations & immunisations service offers the latest and most relevant travel advice to keep you and your travel companions safe. We provide a comprehensive 30 minute travel health appointment available 6 days a week. Our staff are specially trained travel educators and doctors. We specialise in solo travellers, small or large groups, families or corporate travel. We have a full range of travel vaccinations on site. We encourage patients to call and make an appointment in advance. We also provide pre and post travel medical advice and care.

Our travel vaccination services include:

  • Yellow Fever immunisation (Licensed centre)

  • Hepatitis A immunisation

  • Hepatitis B immunisation

  • Typhoid immunisation

  • Rabies immunisation

  • Japanese Encephalitis immunisation

  • Comprehensive 30 minute travel advice consultation

  • Specialised information for travel to 'high risk' areas

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